Valuation and Consulting Services

At Five2Two, we are experts in providing actuarial services to corporate clients. By merging actuarial and accounting skills we offer valuation and consulting solutions which have a company's financial statements at the top of our minds.


Actuarial valuations: Employee Benefits

We specialise in offering world class actuarial valuations of employee benefits for companies' financial statements. We have experience in performing valuations under all the major accounting standards including IFRS (IAS 19, TAS 19, MFRS 119, AASB 119), GAAP (ASC 715 / FAS 158), IPSAS (25) and PASB (3250 and 3255). Our valuations are prepared with our clients' auditors in mind and are prepared in accordance with the international standards of actuarial practice (ISAP 3).

We value numerous types of employee benefits, including:

  • End of Service Benefits
  • Pension Funds
  • Retirement Gratuities
  • Long Service Leave
  • Jubilee Awards
  • Post Retirement Medical Aid Subsidies
  • Severance Benefits

Our services are unique as we offer:

  • Extremely reasonable prices, at large discounts to inflated market rates.
  • Incredibly fast turn-around times.
  • Quality control with personal attention from the signing actuary.
  • Excellent client communication and service.

Actuarial Modelling: Financial Asset Impairments

With IFRS 9 due to become effective on 1 January 2018, companies will need to impair their financial assets to a much greater extent than under the previous standard.

Loan books, trade receivables or any other financial asset will need to be assessed to determine whether an impairment must be held.

Five2two's custom models will seamlessly calculate the required impairment amount and determine the accurate disclosures required for your financial statements.

Our models are customised to your individual needs and can either be serviced annually or handed over for future use.

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Employee Benefits Consulting Solutions

Employee Benefits can be a source of large costs to companies. The uncertain nature of their liability value, coupled with a complex macro-economic environment, can lead to these costs running out of control.

Our consulting services can help to allay these fears by:

  • Offering guidance on the costs of the design or restructuring of benefits.
  • Costing multiple possible future economic scenarios.
  • Sensitivity testing liability values by varying the valuation assumptions.
  • Suggesting tweaks to the benefit design in order to reduce the accounting liability.

Through a combination of our actuarial and accounting expertise we will be able to offer advice on the financial consequences of any possible change to a company's employee benefits offering.

Business Analytics consulting

Actuaries have a singular ability to combine statistics with an appreciation of business and economic principles. Utilising these skills we are able to critically assess small businesses and assist in developing models and procedures to aid in their growth. With backgrounds in both the non-profit and corporate sectors, we are experts in improving inefficiencies and enhancing operating procedures.

A key part of our actuarial business analytics consulting, is our ability to develop bespoke financial models for any company. These models facilitate management in their analysis of opportunities and enable improved decision making.